Brown bear update… HE’s HOME :-)

It seems (thankfully) that Max had a good night last night and even went for a little walk.  He has eaten and drunk this morning and it has stayed down – all goodness 🙂

We are awaiting a call at 4pm to determine if he is going to be well enough to come home today 🙂  Fingers crossed – Pepsi is still bemused as to where his mate has gone – however, it is now evident that the dog hair around the house is most likely just Pepsi’s – there appears to be no less dog hair finding its way around the house in the last 24 hours… 🙂

Update- we got the call this afternoon that all was well and that we could collect him at 4pm 🙂 So, he is now home and relaxing.  Pepsi was tres pleased to see him and while he was pleased to get out, he is clearly not yet himself – a couple of days and hopefully we will be back on track 🙂

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