Get well soon big brown bear :-(

Last night Max refused his own dinner 🙁 Then started pacing around a lot and ended up being sick outside a few times 🙁  Then he proceeded to keep us up through the night as he continued pacing and grunting at himself, occasionally popping upstairs to request garden access for the next installment 🙁

When he refused his breakfast we decided to take him to see his friends and Palmer and Duncan (the VET) right after taking Elliot to school.  Margaret checked him out and made the simple statement that there was something that she didn’t like somewhere in his abdomen and that he could not go home, an op was required 🙁 We were convinced that it was a sock or two (or maybe three) although he has always been able to get them out in the past…

So, we ensured that they had our latest telephone numbers and went home to a saddened Pepsi – was confused as to where his mate was 🙁

Anyway, Vicky called the vet up a couple of hours later to find that he was still in surgery although a sock had already been found and removed…

A couple of hours later, we found that he was coming round from his anaesthetic and that it was only one sock in the end.  Mr Duncan is to call us up later today to let us know more but that Max is staying out tonight and should be back with us tomorrow.

Good luck brown bear – see you soon buddy 🙂

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