I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Well, we got a dusting of snow and it is 24 hours later and it is STILL here !!

Only 6 days to go and we are on for a white Christmas !!! 🙂

The boys went out Christmas shopping this morning and were actually pretty successful.

We then spent the afternoon playing in the conservatory.  I felt like the heating was actually struggling to keep the room warm in honesty this afternoon.  Given that it is to drop well below zero Celsius tonight, we have decided to leave the conservatory doors open with the expectation that the rest of the house will source the heat for the conservatory to simply pi&& away 🙁 At least it will cost less to get it warm in the morning.

Excitement is building as we are heading off for the Santa Express on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway tomorrow – really looking forward to it.  We will try to keep up with this tradition next year even though we will be in California.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Simon is sat in his office at home and noticed that it is indeed snowing outside !!! 🙂  White Christmas anyone?

It started very light but now 10 minutes in seems to be quite thick flakes – maybe just maybe we will have a covering later today – who knows.

Simon’s last day at work today, and he is really looking forward to some time out.  We have to arrange new passports for Simon and a passport (full stop) for Olly) as well as booking some flights and accommodation etc for the house hunting trip in late Feb.  All of this on top of late (as it always is with Simon) Christmas gift searching….

And before posting this entry, the snow has stopped – I guess most of you would have guessed that right? Oh well, maybe later on….

Now, it is later on – well 21:30 to be almost exact – anyway, it is snowing again and as I type there is a layer of snow on the car and driveway.  Maybe in the morning….

Back for a while now – Christmas is fast approaching…

Simon has spent the last week in hotels in California and Washington, and has been forced to listening to Christmas music in each hotel.  He even found a radio station that ONLY played Christmas songs in CA- 95.6 FM KOIT 🙂

So, needless to say, Simon is fully Christmas’ed up 🙂

Now all we need is some vacation time and feet up… 🙂

Elliot is beginning to get the Christmas idea and Olly has grown a bit since daddy left for the week – Olly is now much better at sitting up and has started shouting at us when he wants something – the cheeky monkey.

Mummy says that he has learned to roll onto his front now, but then just shouts to be rolled back over 🙂

Tonight, Elliot asked daddy about California and meeting Lightning McQueen and Mack – as in daddy, did you see them in California last week. Daddy explained not but he would look out for him next time.  We then discussed our living in California – all was well until he realised that Pepsi and Max would not come with us – “but they will cry” was the classic response once he realised that they would not be coming with us.  He seemed OK when he realised that they would be staying with Grandma and Jenny and Dan.

Simon on the West coast – the kids not well :-(

Typically while Simon has been out on the West Coast of the US, Oliver has been really not well – his temperature has been spiking up to 40 degrees C.  Vicky has been struggling to keep his temperature suitably regulated – pretty sure this happened the last time Simon was away 🙁

Anyway, Oliver is now on the road to recovery and the temperature back to normal – just struggling with his sleeping habits – he seems to think getting up 3 or 4 times a night is acceptable and that he can expect milk every other time he wakes….

On other matters, Elliot has surprised us this week – see below – a note from mummy to daddy

Elliot has drawn on his jigsaw with biro and just said to me mummy like what I done I been naughty…….so I said that’s very naughty darling why did you do that???

The response was a classic……….”because I can”. What a cheeky little monkey

Oh my…

Thomas Magical Adventure yesterday in Thomas Land

We drove down to the ThomasLand Magical Adventure yesterday – it was nice an quiet in the park so Elliot was able to go on all the rides he wanted as often as he wanted 🙂

It was really nice since there was (obviously) a Christmas theme with snow on the ground and the buildings.  There was lots of heaters around the place to keep the walkways warm, but they were actually not really necessary for yesterday – it was a modest 7degrees 🙂

It ended up being a full day out with us not getting home until 8:15pm, and the boys were pretty much straight into bed.

Today, we are going to try to get all of the Christmas decorations up on the house – will see how we get on since it has just gone midday and daddy still has not got the decorations out.  oh, AND we need to go and buy a new tree…