Simon on the West coast – the kids not well :-(

Typically while Simon has been out on the West Coast of the US, Oliver has been really not well – his temperature has been spiking up to 40 degrees C.  Vicky has been struggling to keep his temperature suitably regulated – pretty sure this happened the last time Simon was away 🙁

Anyway, Oliver is now on the road to recovery and the temperature back to normal – just struggling with his sleeping habits – he seems to think getting up 3 or 4 times a night is acceptable and that he can expect milk every other time he wakes….

On other matters, Elliot has surprised us this week – see below – a note from mummy to daddy

Elliot has drawn on his jigsaw with biro and just said to me mummy like what I done I been naughty…….so I said that’s very naughty darling why did you do that???

The response was a classic……….”because I can”. What a cheeky little monkey

Oh my…

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