Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Simon is sat in his office at home and noticed that it is indeed snowing outside !!! 🙂  White Christmas anyone?

It started very light but now 10 minutes in seems to be quite thick flakes – maybe just maybe we will have a covering later today – who knows.

Simon’s last day at work today, and he is really looking forward to some time out.  We have to arrange new passports for Simon and a passport (full stop) for Olly) as well as booking some flights and accommodation etc for the house hunting trip in late Feb.  All of this on top of late (as it always is with Simon) Christmas gift searching….

And before posting this entry, the snow has stopped – I guess most of you would have guessed that right? Oh well, maybe later on….

Now, it is later on – well 21:30 to be almost exact – anyway, it is snowing again and as I type there is a layer of snow on the car and driveway.  Maybe in the morning….

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