PJ day yesterday

That’s right, we enjoyed a lazy day in yesterday – the only members of the Rust family to venture outside were Pepsi and Max 🙂

Sadly, we also found that the XBOX has been slowly damaging the game disks to the point that the Disney Infinity game disk was beginning to fail to play. Given that this game was only brought to the house by Father Christmas some three weeks ago, then this suggests either major damage delivery OR we have been using the machine too much….

Daddy found that we can “install” the games onto the hard disk of the machine thus reducing the amount of DVD drive usage and hence the spinning of the disk will be less so also the damage inflicted on the disks will be less. Thankfully we found all this out before it was too late for this disk (Olly would have been gutted) so hopefully we have staved off needing to either buy a new XBOX or replace a few disks – we already replaced the Skylanders GIANTS game last year (and didn’t realise that the XBOX DVD drive was at fault).

It doesn’t help that the XBOX is American as the games are significantly mor difficult to come by 🙁

Hopefully the problem has been averted for now.

Today, we are planning on getting out for a walk in the fresh air – Elliot and Oliver are overjoyed by the prospect….

Daddy missed his train…

Yesterday morning Simon head out for a 07:52 train from Wakefield to London.  He parked the car as usual in Westgate car park and collected his tickets from the machine in the station for next week’s travel.  Then walked over to Kirkgate to get the train.  He arrived some 20 minutes early so walked around the platform to get his step count up 🙂 and when the train arrived 10 minutes early he was somewhat surprised so asked a guard if there really was another train leaving just 10 minutes later.  The guard promptly pointed out that the ticket was for an East Coast Service (which probably meant that the train would be departing from Westgate and not Kirkgate :-(.  The moment sunk in quickly that Simon had made a fairly large mistake and now had just 10 minutes to get back across town to make the train.  So he set of in a kind of jog.  He arrived on the platform at Westgate just as the train guard was smiling at him as the train began to pull out of the station 🙁

HUGE mistake since an alternative ticket would now cost £125 as his existing ticket was no longer valid 🙁

Thankfully a little time with the eastcoast website showed that a train was leaving KIRKGATE in 50 minutes and that it would only be a tax of £54… So another walk to Kirkgate required but at least the cost of this mistake was not going to be HUGE.

A handy reminder for Simon to ensure that he double checks the tickets before setting off so that he ensures he is at the right station at the right time 🙂

All this was caused because he has been booking ticket through until the end of March and latterly he has been booking from Kirkgate because of that cost differential – there are still a few weeks of Westgate in the mix so departure are from Westgate for the next few weeks….

A Dog’s Breakfast

Over the last few months (perhaps couple of years in fairness) Pepsi has gradually been taking longer and longer to eat his meals – sometimes he can take 30 minutes or more to complete a task that in his prime would have taken less than 30 or 40 seconds.  More recently (the last month or so) he has actually refused to eat completely on occasion leading us to (obviously – he’s a labrador who competes with his mate to eat) be concerned that there is something wrong.  To the point that Tim bought him a raised dog bowl months ago to see if that would help (it didn’t) and he has ultimately begun to lie down next to his bowl and simple grab a mouthful of biscuits and spit them out over the floor, picking them up [almost] one at a time.  All the time of course, Max hanging around as if to say, “can I help him please?”.

We have wondered if there is a problem with his teeth as he often seems to struggle to bite the biscuits, leading us to pouring boiling water over the biscuits in order to soften them – this STINKS as it releases whatever as the biscuits are broken down.  It hasn’t really helped in fairness although we did note that when putting gravy in with the biscuits that seems to help big time….

So, we decided it was time to get professional assistance and booked him in to the vet – plus they could both get their claws clipped while in there – we have had a few near missed with claw clipping when it comes to taking too much and causing bleeds – then the superglue comes in rather handy….  🙂

So, in we went yesterday, Max was with us so was hyper (he doesn’t get to go often and was so excited to be on a lead and THEN getting in the car.  Even more so when he realised where we got to – was like having a 3 year old again….

After the appointment it was clear that while Pepsi does have decay to his rear right teeth, they are not terrible considering his age and that maybe (as perhaps we thought) he is just getting selective about what he WANTS to eat.  So, we thought to try him on some canned food that would not upset his stomach (given he got the collitus and all).  So we bought 4 cans of food (yes these were just 420g in size (similar to baked bean can) and cost around £3.00 each 🙁

We gave him just 1/3 of a can along with 2/3 his usual biscuit allocation for dinner last night – it was gone in under two minutes – not bad considering his breakfast took about 25 yesterday morning.  Then again this morning although he upped his game and *almost* beat Max to eat his breakfast in around 1 minute and 30 seconds.  His tail was wagging furiously the whole time too….

Oh crap, so we got a choice here – keep his eating happy in his final months / years BUT accept it is going to add 50% to the cost of feeding him (already at £60+ per month) or make him battle on at 30+ minutes per meal….

Then to really nail it, Max has already begun sniffing the air as if to say, OK I can smell that loveliness but I can’t taste it….

Holy Shoes

Vicky noticed when dressing the kids this morning that Olly has managed to wear a hole in the toe of his shoes 🙁 So, the poor monkey is going to school today with a high probability of getting cold and wet toes 🙁

New shoes is a priority purchase for today it seems 🙁

Vicky is pretty sure he has worn them through stopping a bike or trike or something while at school. Also pretty sure that Daddy used to go through shoes in this way as well 🙁