PJ day yesterday

That’s right, we enjoyed a lazy day in yesterday – the only members of the Rust family to venture outside were Pepsi and Max 🙂

Sadly, we also found that the XBOX has been slowly damaging the game disks to the point that the Disney Infinity game disk was beginning to fail to play. Given that this game was only brought to the house by Father Christmas some three weeks ago, then this suggests either major damage delivery OR we have been using the machine too much….

Daddy found that we can “install” the games onto the hard disk of the machine thus reducing the amount of DVD drive usage and hence the spinning of the disk will be less so also the damage inflicted on the disks will be less. Thankfully we found all this out before it was too late for this disk (Olly would have been gutted) so hopefully we have staved off needing to either buy a new XBOX or replace a few disks – we already replaced the Skylanders GIANTS game last year (and didn’t realise that the XBOX DVD drive was at fault).

It doesn’t help that the XBOX is American as the games are significantly mor difficult to come by 🙁

Hopefully the problem has been averted for now.

Today, we are planning on getting out for a walk in the fresh air – Elliot and Oliver are overjoyed by the prospect….

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