Elly at Silcoates and local school…

Elliot had his third and final planned trip over to Silcoates yesterday. Sadly he did not have a great time of it – Mrs Forge grabbed us after school to let us know that Elly had been upset (in tears) three or so times during the day.

Elliot said to us afterwards (when at home) that he felt confused as a little frightened. Guess that it is a MUCH bigger school with way more children than St Hilda’s. This on top of the fact that he knows exactly what to expect at St Hilda’s. All part of the challenge of bringing the kids through their journey of life πŸ™‚

To top it off, we took a call yesterday from Holy Trinity School in Ossett – they finally have a place for Elliot commencing in September and thus, do we want it? We thought about it but realised that we have made our mind up with the private school option of Silcoates – Elliot is thriving at St Hilda’s and we would potentially be making a massive mistake in moving him at this stage. So for now we proceed onward with the Silcoates Foundation πŸ™‚

Poorly Olly :-(

Yesterday, poor Olly began with a fever – the first one for almost 3 months !!!

Mummy managed to get him to wee in the test tube last night before his bath, so we dropped this off at the hospital this morning for the tests to be conducted against it. The doctor wanted the wee sample when he was in the midst of a fever so that they could check it out. Hopefully this will work out well timing wise since we just got the next appointment for him to go back to see Mr Jones (Paediatrician).

It does not seem as aggressive this time around (the fever) so who knows, maybe he is growing out of them…. Fingers crossed.

Happy Father’s Day

We have had a lovely day at home doing not a lot πŸ™‚

The boys were very kind and bought daddy a new mug and some new trainers. There were a couple of very nice hand made cards as well πŸ™‚

We did hope to get out to a park but the time has just disappeared on us unfortunately.

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there – hope you all have a fab time.

Fathers Day Service at St Hilda’s

This morning, we stayed in chapel for the St Hilda’s Fathers Day service. Β The children all had special messages for their daddies and delivered them in their own ways, class by class. Β It was a fantastic service with special gifts for all the daddies that could make it.

Even Olly had some presents for daddy, or grandpa πŸ™‚ Even though he was not actually in school today, Olly had already created a little picture etc.


Back to Silcoates…. Year 1 information for parents

We were back at the Junior school at Silcoates last night for the Year 1 introduction meeting where we found out lots of things about Elliot’s new class etc.

There are currently 27 children in the year, split into two classes, with Elliot being taught by Mrs Chambers. we spoke with Mrs Chambers for about 10 minutes after the event and were left impressed, feeling that his new teacher will be similar in many respects to Mrs Forge (his current Reception teacher at St Hilda’s). This is great news for Elliot and she already seemed to know a lot about him, we guess from the first day that he spent up at the school a couple of weeks back. He is going to be in the same class as three other children from his current class so there will be some familiar faces although the two classes will host a total of 7 children from St Hilda’s. Curtis, Charlotte and Jessica will all be in his class and Jack, Romilly and Gracie will be in the other class.

The setup is very similar to St Hilda’s where the children have some duties to perform each morning as they arrive etc (unpacking their school bags into the appropriate containers and the like). The style of education feels like it will suit Elliot well and we look forward to his going in September.

Vicky is still a little unsure as to how well the morning drop off will work out, as the are two options;

1) Walk him in all the way to the classroom having left the car in the car park
2) Drive around and drop him off by the drop off zone where there will be teaching assistants waiting for them

We suspect that we will be allowed to take him in for the first month or so and then he will want the second option since all the other kids do this… In other words he wants to feel more grown up etc πŸ™‚

The challenge really is getting Elliot into class before 8:30am as this is school start time – we struggle to get him to St Hilda’s for 8:50am so will really struggle from September. Further challenge is that Olly will be at Sunny Hill so there are now two different locations for the drop offs. Hoping that we will be able to drop Olly off at 8:00am but the obviously means earlier start still πŸ™