Elly at Silcoates and local school…

Elliot had his third and final planned trip over to Silcoates yesterday. Sadly he did not have a great time of it – Mrs Forge grabbed us after school to let us know that Elly had been upset (in tears) three or so times during the day.

Elliot said to us afterwards (when at home) that he felt confused as a little frightened. Guess that it is a MUCH bigger school with way more children than St Hilda’s. This on top of the fact that he knows exactly what to expect at St Hilda’s. All part of the challenge of bringing the kids through their journey of life 🙂

To top it off, we took a call yesterday from Holy Trinity School in Ossett – they finally have a place for Elliot commencing in September and thus, do we want it? We thought about it but realised that we have made our mind up with the private school option of Silcoates – Elliot is thriving at St Hilda’s and we would potentially be making a massive mistake in moving him at this stage. So for now we proceed onward with the Silcoates Foundation 🙂

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