Gym kit

The Polar watch arrived and looks great – did you see it – watch – singular 🙁  The buggers seems to have only shipped one but handily taken for two – the bare faced cheek – Vicky is onto it so I imagine another one will be arriving any day now 🙂

Simon bought some video editing software to enable easy cobbling together of camcorder footage – Elliot rolling around on his mat and playing with his toys is the first such video.  It is very likely that Simon will bore us all to death putting silly sounds and images etc in the videos in the future, so we apologise upfront if this occurs.

The ForkHall Mail and Web servers are now running as virtual machines on VMware Server on a dual core AMD x64 machine with plenty of disk and memory.

Holiday time over again… :-(

Once again, the holiday is over almost before it began – or so it seems.  The weather has been poor, so the boys have not really had the walks that we planned to do over the three days out.  We did manage to get out with them this morning since the sun was shining and in all fairness it felt more like an April morning rather than a February one.

Simon found out that the replacement for his camcorder has been released – ever so slightly annoyed him given that he has only had his camcorder a couple of months – fortunately it seems that the only real reason is to get the 4 mega pixel camera function – ours is 3 mega pixels.  All else seems very similar so the world has not yet ended.

The heart rate monitors have been ordered for use in the gym finally – weeks of research and the items selected are Polar F6 – selected really because more than one can be used in the same room since they have selectable radio channels.  We await their arrival…….

Happy Valentines Day

St Valentines Day today.

Simon has today and the rest of the week off work, and while we had planned to go off for a couple of days, it seems to have not occurred in the end 🙁

So, we ended up down at Meadow hall for a little bit of shopping and some lunch, before heading home as Vicky had a hair appointment this afternoon.

Think we may end up with a bottle of Champagne in front of the TV this year…….

Snow, more snow :-)

The snow fell heavily on Friday night – Simon woke on Saturday at 9am looking forward to playing with the boys in the snow – to find………

…… it had ALL gone – there were 2 to 3 inches on the ground and it was still snowing when we went to bed 🙁

Elliot decided on Saturday that he does not particularly like his BMW car seat – much to the amusement of Simon and Vicky – NOT !!!!  The new plan seems to be to borrow Vicky’s mum’s seat until he is a bit bigger and fits his own seat better – let’s just hope that we haven’t wasted all that cash – Simon will be in for fun if it has been wasted…..

At least the sun has been shining today, so the boys have had a half decent walk and are thankful for it – poor Pepsi was beginning to think he wouldn’t be getting the chance to lick the pavement again.

We have Wednesday thru Friday off on holiday next week, so we need to figure out pretty quickly if we are going to do anything remotely special or just laze about Fork Hall.

Bath night again tonight……..

Still ill :-(

Apparently it is just a cold and has not affected either Vicky or Elliot’s chest – which is of course great news.

The doctor was very nice and basically suggested we all breathe plenty of steam with menthol.  So, when Elliot had his bath tonight, we filled the sink and the main bath with the stuff – we aren’t fixed yet 🙂

Apparently it has snowed over by Simon’s office today – seemed a great shock bearing in mind the sun was shining and we had a perfect blue sky in Ossett.