Holiday time over again… :-(

Once again, the holiday is over almost before it began – or so it seems.  The weather has been poor, so the boys have not really had the walks that we planned to do over the three days out.  We did manage to get out with them this morning since the sun was shining and in all fairness it felt more like an April morning rather than a February one.

Simon found out that the replacement for his camcorder has been released – ever so slightly annoyed him given that he has only had his camcorder a couple of months – fortunately it seems that the only real reason is to get the 4 mega pixel camera function – ours is 3 mega pixels.  All else seems very similar so the world has not yet ended.

The heart rate monitors have been ordered for use in the gym finally – weeks of research and the items selected are Polar F6 – selected really because more than one can be used in the same room since they have selectable radio channels.  We await their arrival…….

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