Oliver’s parents evening….

Last night was Olly’s parents evening and we had 15 minutes with his two core teachers.

Bottom line is that he seems to be happy at school (which we fully agree with now that the issues of earlier in the school year with one of his classmates appears to be resolved) and that with the exception of his ability to retain focus during lessons, he is doing well overall.

His SAT scores are 102 for maths and 110 for combined English. Therefore he is about where he should be (we did hear that phrase perhaps too often last night) although would really be helped with additional focus.

At this stage we are pretty happy with his progress and will knuckle down on his focus and writing – we saw clearly last night that he absolutely can write neatly, he just needs a greater focus on it and more and more practise.

We escaped a sinking ship….

Today, we visited Escape Hunt in Leeds and took on Black Beard’s sinking galleon. It was a whole load of fun and all four of us brought value to the game in that if any one of us was not there, we would not have escaped 🙂

The boys really enjoyed it and were totally in the thick of it – Olly right from the off as he found the first key and Elliot as he figured out how to get us into the second room (Black Beard’s Office) – something that the rest of us were stumped on.

There was a need to find some clues in the office that were definitely challenging but between us we figured it out – Olly struck gold again when he noticed that the paintings on the wall showed us something about the room that wasn’t quite in place – when he made it so,we got the final clue 

We really struggled with one piece that was about a keyboard – it took us 10 minutes to figure out and together with some help from our assistant, we nailed it and ultimately finished in 56 minutes and 10 seconds so thankfully we were saved from certain drowning ‍♂️

Rain, Thunder, Lightning and Leaks :-(

Wow. Storm Ciara is showing us all what Mother Nature has at her disposal. There was a little wind overnight but nothing to overshadow that which we have experienced in the last 10 days in fairness.

But then, at 8am, it started raining and soon after, as we were lazing in bed contemplating getting up for the gym, we heard that lovely noise of water dripping onto carpet 💧 💧 🙁

We quickly setup some collection devices and let them protect the flooring…

Out to the gym – the boys were naturally delighted – to find a river running down Clough Road and the corner being 6″ of river rapids 🙁 wow in just 2 hours….

Then the dip in the road between Flockton and Grange Moor was flooded with around 1ft of water. A BMW had sadly expired in the water but thankfully Vicky car can manage 2 feet of water so we pushed on.

When we came out of the gym, the rains was persisting so we did not go back home via Grange Moor (that road would have been properly closed by the Police) but we did find two other lakes of around 9″ to traverse on the way through Emley.

A home day it was to be – this time the boys really were delighted 😁

The sun came out and we had blue skies until around 4pm, where the darkness once again descended into us and shortly after was when the thunder and lightning kicked in for about 30 mins.

The carpet protection system is likely to be required overnight as the rain is not due to stop until after a couple of days – we are A OK so long as the wind doesn’t lift – it is essentially driving the rain horizontally and hence going straight up under the roof slates and then down into the house via the beams….

Fun and games for a few days we think….

We hope everyone out there is safe and out of the dangers that Mother Nature brings every now and then – thinking specifically of those in Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge and Sowerby Bridge – always the first places to get smacked hard by such weather 🙁

Panic and tears….

Last night, Oliver came home from his maths tutor session asking to go get his phone from dad’s car. Dad did not think that he had seen the phone in the car, which is when the panic began…. That 10 minute trip home took about an hour for Olly as his determination of the phone’s location waned….

Basically, he had got out of the car at school that morning with his bluetooth headphones in, music still playing and it soon cut out, having him believe that the phone must have stayed in the car when he got out (the phone accordingly had been placed in his pocket along with the case for the ear phones and the battery backup supply…) and of course the connection cut once the car left the area.

Dad was pretty certain that he had not seen the phone when he got home, suggesting that maybe the phone had dropped out of the car unnoticed when Oliver disembarked…

When we finally got home, it became very clear that maybe that particular outcome was indeed the one that had played out some 12 hours earlier in the day, potentially leaving the phone on the road ready for smashing by the next SUV to drop off their children for their day at school.

This is of course when the tears came as there was a realisation that the phone was not going to be replaced and that his watch and bluetooth headphones were less useful without the central component – the phone…

Dad went into school with Oliver this morning to see if by some small slither of chance, somebody had indeed seen the phone and handed it into the school office. Sadly, there was nobody in reception to ask and so Dad called Elliot for advice as to where they could find lost property within the school. At the same time, a lady was walking up towards the School Reception and Oliver had already engaged in conversation to ask if she knew of a lost / found telephone from yesterday. Incredibly, she did recall a found phone and that it was covered in little dogs – at this point the excitement in Oliver’s face became very apparent and perhaps a huge wash of relief was about to wash over him.

Within 5 or so minutes the lady had located the key to the nurse’s office and we were reunited with the phone and that relief was well and truly submersing Oliver.

We really hope that this is a lesson that he does not forget any time soon as he (and his brother incidentally) are very lackadaisical about their things and looking after them. We will be reminding Oliver of the feeling that he had the time his lost his phone….