Xbox 360 woes…

On Sunday night the Xbox stopped working – it appeared that the power brick was not able to supply the Xbox with enough juice. Β Simon set about diagnosing early on Monday to find that sadly the power supply was fried and needs replacing – GREAT timeing πŸ™

It seems that the power supply unit is not something that can be purchased from the usual outlets and so the only option is online πŸ™

Simon ordered one yesterday lunchtime and INCREDIBLY it arrived this morning to save the day πŸ™‚

The boys will probably not want to play on the Xbox tomorrow but you can bet that if they do get any new Xbox items from F.C. and want to play with it, we would have been in BIG trouble…. πŸ™

All’s well that ends well thankfully πŸ™‚


Santa Special at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

Saturday 21st December 2013 can mean only one thing – it is the Santa Special day πŸ˜€

We head out to enjoy a nice lunch at the Dog and Gun in Oxenhope before boarding the 2:40pm train. Β Lunch was fantastic as always and the train was on top form too. Β  The boys had a GREAT time on board and got really involved in the singing and booing at Scrooge. Β This year it was not dark as we left the train – it is usually dusk and so the whole event just feels a little big more festive for some reason. Β This year we didn’t get the dark until we were back in Halifax picking up Pepsi and Max from their week long holiday at Granny Cuckoo’s πŸ™‚


Great F.C. Experience in LEGOLAND

Nice lie in yesterday – the boys didn’t awaken until after 8:30am πŸ™‚ Clearly needed the sleep

After a nice breakfast and completing the Elf Treasure Hunt, we head into the park to enjoy the rides and of course to meet F.C. Only about 1/5 of the park was open and we felt that while it was nicely decorated (including some ‘snow’ on the hundreds of Christmas trees) the rides were a bit poor really. The kids enjoyed themselves however so all was not lost, and they particularly enjoyed building their own LEGO Christmas tree ornaments and decorating their own gingerbread snowmen πŸ™‚

The Father Christmas experience was really lovely with a little trek through a patch of Christmas trees and half a dozen little wooden summer houses, each with its own F.C. Ours was really good and he had our boys transfixed for the few minutes that we were in with him. They both received a lovely blue cardboard bag containing a really nice LEGO gift – an airplane that they were both more than happy to receive :-). We were worried that Olly might be given a Duplo set but thankfully not.

They both made some purchases in the large shop from their Grandad David’s Christmas present fund πŸ™‚ both are highly excited to get on with the building process so maybe they will get a chance to start them today befor we head out to the Santa Express in Oxenhope.

Finally, the Star Wars experience at LEGOLAND was the last thing that Daddy and Elly walked through before we departed for home – it was REALLY good – shame that the camera ran out of battery power before we finished though πŸ™

We should definitely go back to LEGOLAND in the summer time and stay over in the hotel again – it was a wonderful experience that I am usr we would love to repeat.