4th August 2012 – Great Britain’s day in sport

WOW – what a day – 6 golds at the Olympics. awesome results

We were fortunate to be able to watch it with a glass of red in the lodge – caught Jessica Aennis nail the final part of her Heptathalon – the 800 metres – taking her a handy 327 points clear. then Mo Farah taking gold in the 10,000 meters – a sensational race – all done in a little longer than Simon can do 5,000!!!!!! During this last race, Greg Rutherford took another handy gold in the long jump 🙂

Electric evening :-).

Go Team GB.

Cracking weather yesterday in WIndermere

Wr were blessed with a lovely day yesterday – not too cold and yet at times warm enough for shorts only sunbathing on the lodge deck 🙂

So, we only managed to get out for breakfast and supermarket shopping before heading back to the lodge. We stayed there all afternoon as the boys simply wanted to play outside around the lodge – they did it for hours. They even befriended a little boy from a local caravan so all was good.

We are hoping that the next few days we are as lucky – think today is Grasmere Gingerbread shop and the Ableside Apple Pie shop visit day :-D. Clearly the lake district hunger issue has already kicked in…. I.e. we seem to have unfillable stomachs while we vacation here :-(.

And relax……..

The lakes ‘a callin’

It has been more than two years since we were last able to drive up to the lakes and we are SO pleased that we have done it. Kind of like a pair of comfortable shoes – just great to get back in 🙂

We arrived just before 8pm having dropped Pepsi and Max off with Auntie Jenny and Uncle Justin – thanks guys for looking after them for the weekend – Pepsi just would not cope well with the steps etc up here. The boys were unsure of what to expect (Oliver was a tiny baby the last time he was here and Elly was just 3 years old so claimed to not remember the place – that was until he got here and as soon as he saw the lodge, he seemed to remember all the things that he did that caused mummy and daddy to take deep breaths. Elliot therefore got straight into teaching Oliver to jump off the patio onto the road / stones below etc – interestingly the ever adventurous Olly has not yet partaken…

We managed to squeeze in a quick pint at the bar before settling in for the night – thus giving the boys the chance to blow off yet more steam in the park area – there is a new park area now just near the clubhouse and where at one time boars were stored off season, and mor recently touring caravans used to park. It seems that touring caravans are no longer accepted sadly 🙁

While on the swings Olly was heard shouting the following to a small group of girls (5 of the, or so), “hey girls look at me on this swing” and then when they didn’t acknowledge him he raised his voice and said “I said, hey girls look at me” 🙂 Yet more evidence that we are going to have fun with this one as he gets older….

Today, we are on to going out for breakfast and then do some shopping for the week, although at this rate we will be eating breakfast at lunchtime – it is nearly 9am and there is only daddy awake – all else are sleeping soundly in their beds….

Pray for not too much rain 🙂