Fess Parkers Resort in Santa Barbara

We made it down to sunny Santa Barbara yesterday afternoon in about 3.5 hours, although that included a 1 hour stop in Solvang – a really pretty Danish styled town dating back to 1911.

The actual shopping area of Santa Barbara is really nice, kind of like Los Gatos but 10 times bigger. We failed to find mummy some new sunglasses but succeeded in persuading Olly to get 40 winks in the pushchair 🙂

We then checked into the hotel – as we walked through the main entrance to the hotel Elliot just said “Yes, this is a nice hotel !” 🙂 He was not wrong, but then it is 3times the price of the hotel in Cambria from the previous night.

BOTH our cameras have got flat batteries now so photography has had to fail over to the iPhones sadly, so I guess we must have taken LOTS of photos.

Dinner last night was very nice at the Harbor Inn (think that it’s name) on the Santa Barbara pier. Elliot just couldn’t figure out why their was buildings made over the sea …

Olly has successfully been hard work at every meal time so far excepting the McDonalds in the car at lunch yesterday – little monkey 🙁

Last night we got the boys into bed and sat out on the little patio with a bottle of red wine and some Trader Joes kettle corn – think We’ve mentioned the corn before – v moreish… 🙂 Great end to a lovely day (meal time excepted)

Today looks to be a day on the beach 🙂

Cambria Pines Lodge

We got a little over half way and stopped for an overnight stay.  Route 1 down the California coast is a very picturesque drive – would be even better if the sun was shining the whole way.  It is however, a LLLOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG ass way 🙂

We have broken it’s back now however and stopped in a little town 140 miles North of Santa Barbara.

Can’t post any of the photos that we have taken yet however since the cameraman forgot the relevant cables 🙁

We have had a nice dinner in the hotel and are getting ready for sleep – however we have just popped the room TV on and YES  “the Rock” is on…. Get in.


Heading to Santa Barbara…. :-)

We decided that the trip to Santa Barbara, CA is a GO.  So we have just booked a night (tonight) in Cambria, CA down the coast – so driving down the coast road (Route 1) will be a pretty impressive drive we think tonight.  Then tomorrow we will head down the final leg to Santa Barbara where we are staying near the beach at Fess Parker Hotel – recommended by Jason Folk – so it is all on him 🙂

We will see the zoo and the beaches and the town and a place called Solvang – apparently a ver pretty little Danish town – we will upload photos etc upon our return.

Let the packing begin….

Cycling is taking over…

We have been out 4 nights out of the last week on the bikes, Daddy with Elliot in tow and Mummy with Oliver in tow.  We have (OK so Simon has) spent a small fortune on the cycling paraphernalia such as water bottles, bags, puncture repair kits, shorts, shirts etc.  A lot of this is essential stuff such as puncture stuff, but it all mounts up unfortunately.  Simon has realised that with having 6 bikes in the household, we also need to keep on top of the maintenance and this includes stuff such as chain cleaning and oiling – don’t think he ever did this with bikes as he was growing up – funny how when you buy it with your own green, taking care of it seems so much more important 🙂

Anyway, tonight was just a winner – we cycled just short of 5 miles from home into downtown Campbell, stopped for dinner in a Tex Mex type restaurant (sat at a table outside in the shade of a beautiful day watching the world and his dog go by), then cycled towards home via one of the parks near home (Houge Park) for the boys to play in the dirt (that’s right they had no interest in the swings etc – just the dirt) before heading home for bath before bed.  All in all, a great evening and dinner cost just $30 – result 🙂

Simon has been out on Barbara 3 times now, and is finding the steep inclines to get to the top of the trail torturous.  The exhilaration of heading back down apparently is great, but there is just a tad too much pain in getting to the top.  Suck it up buddy until your fitness is up to it 🙂

Finally, Elliot and Oliver have decided that it would be good for them to share a bedroom – we will be moving Olly’s bed into Elly’s room and taking one of the sides off in the next couple of weeks – handy for when Kerrie is here in a few weeks.  Guess we will find out soon if they just mess around….