Rain, rain, go away…

The rain started yesterday – a total washout of an afternoon yesterday :-(.  It seems to have continued through the night and has rained pretty much all day today.  The great news is that all those reservoirs that were looking (in fairness) a little too empty given the time of year, will be suitably filling up as we speak.

Daddy and Elliot went to daddy’s day at Little Starts Nursery this morning, so that Elliot could show daddy all the things that he does at nursery.  We played with the letters and number on the magnetic board downstairs, and then when upstairs to play with the diggers and trucks, with sand and stones.  We also played with the animals and finally the Thomas train set before leaving just before lunchtime.

We bought some new phones for in the house this afternoon, since we seem to be missing most calls in the house as the telephones that we did have appear to not always ring :-(.  So we have some shiny new Panasonic phones to try.  Over the years we have tried Binatone, Phillips, BT (twice, no three times) and they all seem to last just over a year and then die (albeit different deaths, they have all died in some form unfortunately).

We will need to program the damned numbers into them, since (like all the other phone manufacturers – in our experience) they do not allow the user to extract the numbers from an existing phone- they will copy / duplicate out to their own type of course.

Daddy’s home

A week away that seems like sooo much more 🙁

Simon says it is great to be back and he has missed the family big time this time around.  Possibly since he was out in California, looking for a potential new town in which the family will live shortly.

Also, while he has been away Gregory seems to have made a massive progress following his operation last week – incredibly he is already home relaxing in more comfort.

Simon found plenty of places to NOT live in (that was the plan before you start laughing), but he actually found several places that he thinks that we could live in. The location can be no more than 45 minutes from the office, and given the 1hr 40 minute ride to get to a colleagues house up the East Bay, the entire East Bay appears to have been written off.  Plus the South Bay is 30 minutes nearer the beach !!!! 🙂

The current shortlist is as follows:

  •  Los Gatos

  •  Los Altos

  •  Palo Alto

  •  Saratoga

There are others, but these ones stick out presently.  Los Gatos is Simon’s current preferred although as he was looking for a place to park the car (to have a walk around the town, sorry City 🙂 centre, sorry center 🙂 ), he saw the town’s ONLY car dealership – they had Lamborghini’s, Aston Martins, Ferraris, oh yes, and get this – a Bugatti Veyron !!).  Something tells us that the town is a LITTLE out of our reach 🙁

He is also seriously considering a hybrid vehicle – a Toyota Prius – Jesus just WHAT is happening to the man…..