Where did the cold go??

Well, after whining yesterday about the temperature – it has been over 10 degrees Celsius all day today 🙂

Has rained however – can’t have it all …

Dave has borrowed the 5 series today so Vicky is going to use either the legs that she was supplied with or to use Simon’s car on the days that Simon not needing it.

Simon did get a bit of a bollocking this AM – he forgot to check for Elliot’s car seat – and took it to Warrington with him.  Typical – prob the only day that he didn’t check was the day that they needed to go out.

Elliot was up at 5:50AM this morning – not sure what woke him but suspect that it was the wind – OUTSIDE before you ask – it has been really windy over the weekend.

Good start to the year

It remains very cold – in fact this week seems to have been colder than the week before.  With a bit of luck the heat will come forth in the next few days.

We have ventured into the conservatory only a couple of times this last few weeks – anyway, this is enough whining about the cold 🙂

Vicky bought Simon a couple of pairs of new shoes, some slippers and a new shirt this week in the sales – very handy, but of course Simon is now wondering what she bought for herself.. 🙂

Happy New Year to all

Wow – how time flies….. We have had a great time this Christmas time – we have been doing loads of things – see the 2008 archives for the details.

Jon, Vicki and Mia joined us for the New Year this year, and we went out to Astrabound (a children’s’ indoor play centre ) in Doncaster on New Years Eve during the day.  It is definitely the best indoor play centre that we have ever been to – loads for Elliot and Mia to do and would easily cater for a a hundred or so kids at any one time without being over crowded.  Shame it is 45 minutes drive away really – will definitely go back one weekend.

The fireworks here in Ossett last night were awesome – they felt like there was a constant lit sky for almost one hour – don’t think we have ever experienced that many fireworks before.  It certainly seems to becoming more popular to have fireworks at the New Year celebration.

Finally, we hope that 2009 is a very prosperous year for all.