Elliot’s first hair cut

Well, today was Elliot’s first hair cut and he did very well – no complaining or crying at all – we introduced him to the job by letting him watch daddy have his cut first. We think it worked since we got through it unscathed 🙂

The sun has been out nearly all day today – a major surprise since the rain seems to have been in place for weeks now 🙁

We have got a little closer with the broadband connection in that Simon spent over an hour on the phone to some support engineers this afternoon and looks set for a similar session this evening 🙁 That said, the connection is still poor in comparison to what it has been and there appears to be little light down at the end of that there tunnel 🙁

Sara, Matt and kids are coming over at the weekend so we are going to do lots of kiddy stuff like soft play centres and swimming etc so the weekend is definitely looking good.

Vicky found some shoes for Elliot to wear at the wedding the weekend after, so we are all set – just a couple of ties required now…..

And finally – the tyres for Vicky’s car will be arriving on Tuesday so that will be another thing completed 🙂

10 months old today :-)

Wow, time has definitely flown.

Well Vicky believes that Elliot’s first word is……. “Dada” – yay – Simon is tres pleased. 🙂

We are still not walking yet, but the crawling has become a sport – he can crawl as quickly as Mummy and Daddy can walk, and he is definitely able to keep up with the dogs in the house 🙂

His top two teeth are well on their way down now – the one on his right has cut through and is a monster – we are not looking forward to his getting our fingers between the bottom two and this bad boy – boy, that will HURT 🙁

We continue to have internet issues here at home – now we are down to just over 1Mb connection – was 6Mb + 4 weeks ago – BT are playing their typical games of support – Simon is not looking forward to the battle although is thinking of looking for alternative internet connection options…..

York races…

What a busy week !!!!

Vicky and Simon went on a coach trip to the York Racecourse last weekend – an accident on the A1 motorway ensured that we spent 3 hours 10 minutes on the small minibus which really started the day of with a wonderful bang 🙁

Then, once we had made our way inside, we were met with a 20 minute queue for the toilet, 45 minute queue for the cash machine, a 30 minute wait for a beer or hotdog, and just 3 minutes for a cab to head into York City Centre.  Guess which option we took 🙂

Not an easy decision since we went in a group, but in fairness we struggled to find any of the group within the grounds since there must have been a couple of hundred thousand people in there so the decision was made MUCH easier.

We ended up having a fab meal at the Living Room overlooking the river, and slowly made our way home via train.  The day ended up being significantly better than the outlook from that damned coach 🙂

Sunday was another fun day – went to Hornsea village in the desperate search for decent weather – unfortunately it was not to be found – did have a nice day out however, and finished it off with a meal out with Greg and Sue – Elliot enjoyed a Turkey Sunday lunch. He definitely has the taste for Turkey dinners since he had one last weekend at the Red Kite also 🙂

Temper, temper…

Daddy was introduced to Elliot’s temper tantrums last night – while changing his clothes ready for bed, Elliot had determined that he was not ready and that he still wanted to play with the police car that he has learned how to use.  So, after a little while of crying he looked at daddy and simply screamed his distaste …….

Apparently he has been doing this for a little while – Simon was definitely unaware of it and rather taken aback.

The personality is definitely coming through and there is no question that he has the patience of his daddy 🙁

Sorry mummy……

Happy Birthday Jenny

Well, Grannie Rust is out of hospital now, and is back at home enjoying the pampering of those around 🙂

Will the damned rain ever stop? Totally miserable week once again with the rain, and this has impacted Simon’s journeys to work big time – 2 ½ hours to get home last night 🙁

Vicky’s car needs 4 new tyres – all ordered from our local Costco store – the fronts have arrived but the rears have not and there is currently no scheduled delivery time – a quick call around a few more garages spells a similar story 🙁 Will be at least 3 weeks is the message that we get from them all – why oh why does that little 1 Series require those specialist tyres – double the cost of standard tyres, half the mileage and ten times the aggravation 🙁

Elliot is still not quite walking – he is definitely getting strength in his legs as he can almost stand up from sitting down with just one hand for guidance 🙂

Here is the little star with Grandad