Holiday at home

Daddy is on holiday this week and Olly was out at Joe’s for the day, so Elliot and daddy had some time in the garden burning the bags of leaves that we have collected as well as collecting up yet more leaves. Elliot rode the mower to collect the freshly dropped leaves from the garden after daddy had raked them out of the shrubs.

Then, after lunch we headed out to get some th8ngs from the DIY store to build up a couple of compost heaps – after over £100 (☹️) and a few hours of moving leaves and old grass clippings around, we now have two large compost areas at the end of the garden.

Hopefully, they will begin to produce appropriately and next year will not have the same challenges as this year with regards to overrunning the area with grass clippings. We will need one more compost area so that we can manage all of the requirements -there is certainly one more required to handle what we already have. We will therefore need to burn more leaves etc as well as as the existing bush clippings that were left in that part of the garden from times gone by. So, that is a few more days of burning required 😀

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