Daytripping and chores

Yesterday, Elliot and Simon went on a little day trip to York, via the 232 bus to Huddersfield then a train to York. We enjoyed walking around the city, a cheeky Pizza Express and of course a Costa.

We were unable to get into the Jorvik centre as the queue was rather large and when we arrived at the Chocolate museum, it was sadly the same message 🙁

However, we had a fun time nonetheless and decided to get a taxi back from Huddersfield railway station as the bus is a 40 minute affair and I think Elliot had endured enough earlier in the day 🙂 however, the taxi driver was a few days past his last shower requirement so it was a pretty smell 20 minute journey instead – was almost the sort of smell that made your eyes hurt….

While Simon and Elliot were out, Oliver had school friend Joe over for the day and they played around the house, cycled in the garden and drove Vicky mad 🙂

We all nipped out for dinner at TGI Friday’s before dropping Joe at home on our way home.

Today had been about continuing leaf burning in the garden (it has been burning all week long) and sorting things such as household insurance. We managed to save £80 so that was a nice result 👍

Tomorrow, we have a chap coming round to check the Grohe shower unit and hopefully will figure out why it doesn’t work. Following this, we are all heading down to Sherwood Forrest to spend the weekend in Centerparcs – even Hugo is invited.

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