Cracking start to 2017

We have had a couple of great days already this year πŸ™‚

Yesterday we went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with the Drewett’s and the Box’s for a lovely walk around. The weather just held out for us – it rained all morning and stopped just 30 minutes before we needed to go 👍

Today has been lovely and peaceful iced to Grandma’s just before lunch after dropping a pile of cardboard at the recycle centre and some glass bottles at the Flockton recycle centre (Kirklees don’t seem to recycle glass bottles with the main recycling stuff so we will need to get used to doing it manually). 

Then back home to wait for a chimney sweep named Martin to come by and sweep the main chimney stack – he was a lovely character with lots of stories and great information to tell us about our burner and how best to use it etc.

We also had a pack of 6 or more dogs running through the back garden – when we went out to investigate, it seems that it was a pack of dogs that were part of a fox hunt – never witnessed anything quite like that before – part of countryside living πŸ™‚

Great to have the fire back in operation and have been given e green light to use the smokeless oval logs to keep the thing going through the night as well as the green light to burn the Christmas tree in the unit – accordingly burning items like the tree every once in a while will not cause problems – so Simon will be cutting the tree up tomorrow in preparation πŸ™‚

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