Another productive day :-)

The ivy has now been removed from the side of the house and is bagged up, ready to head to a recycle centre on Friday 👍

We have also taken Hugo for a nice 4K walk – it feels so much longer when the wind is driving and you are needing wellies through mud and the trees etc – will need to find a longer trek although we also don’t need him to get used to that length of walks every day….

The Christmas tree has been cut up and burned šŸ™‚

We even managed to get down to Grandmas to get a parcel sticker for the Tippy that was too small and it is now on its way back to its supplier and a bigger one is on its way here on Thursday – big thanks to Grandma and Grandad for sorting it for us – it will make a huge positive difference when it comes to getting the ash out of the lounge šŸ™‚

We are EATING through wood in the burner today – the Christmas tree has left plenty of sap on the glass so (as per the recommendation of the chimney sweep) we just need to ensure that the whole system gets plenty of burn for the rest of the day to ensure none of the tar sticks to the pipes šŸ™‚

Simon has also figured out how to get the TV in he ensuite out and has contacted the manufacturer for information about the symptoms. Already has a response and basically it needs a new power supply and the DVB tuner appears to be dead – so it can be resurrected but ideally needs replacing – at Ā£700 it can wait as it is hardly a pressing need for TV while sat in the tub etc.

We need to sort the alarm system and a safe first šŸ™‚

Oh and finally, we arranged two holidays last night so have a Portugal break planned for the start of the summer holidays, a CenterParcs trip for Bonfire night and are looking to sort a break down to Devon/Cornwall at the end of the summer holiday – #Winning

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