after breakfast, we jumped in the car and dad out East to Vilamoura with the plan to get an hour or two in the beach, before lunch in the Marina over looking the beautiful boats. However, there were some fairly significant traffic issues just after Albufeira so we only got to Vilamoura just before lunchtime. 

It WAS BAKING hot as well, so once we found the car park that we used a couple of years back, we wandered around the beautiful Marina ogling the fabulous machinery sat in the water and found a lovely spot for lunch called Old Navy.

The boys remembered a toy shop so we went in search of it while we waited for lunch πŸ™‚ they found some LEGO and so they were happy to forgo the beach in return for the new LEGO…

The Costa Coffee shop that was due to open just after our last visit has already closed so we guess ther are just not enough Costa loving Brits in Vilamoura after all πŸ™

We have subsequently enjoyed a lovely relaxing afternoon in the garden of the apartment and mummy cooked us all a fantastic pasta with tomato sauce for dinner.

A rather nice red wine is almost gone as we write this and Greg has brought yet another Sloe Gin round – he has been on a mission with regards to the drinking this week πŸ™‚

Tomorrow promises to be a pool day for the boys – Grandma and Granddad bought them snorkels and masks today so pretty sure they are high on th priority list for tomorrow πŸ™‚

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