Shopping and swimming

Yesterday was our first full day so job #1 (after breakfast in the cafe) was off t’shops to sort provisions for a few days. There is a new nearby supermarket since we were last here so thought we would give it a go first – was OK but cost a little more than the budget place so we stocked up on the beer etc, filled the car and head to the usual place to get final bits and pieces. We found a cheeky bottle of red called Bastardo for €5 – it was actually a pretty good red as we tested it last night with our BBQ. We also bought a €30 BBQ as the one that we rented for €20 was only really big enough to cook 4 burgers πŸ™

Daddy managed to lock the rear offside door (of the car) so that it won’t open at all any more πŸ™ All he was doing was disabling the child safety locks, or so he though…

It was actually a miserable morning weather wise with a little rain and lots of dark grey clouds, so we were amazed to be graced with beautiful blue skies after lunch with the boys scoring 3 hours of pool time between 2 and 5pm πŸ™‚ 

26 degrees was a perfect introductory heat for us all as it is scheduled to raise to 32 in the coming few days πŸ™‚

The day was finished off with the majority of a bottle of Sloe Gin, a fe shots of a Portuguese Sambuca (v nice), the Bastardo and a few Sagres – boom (and no headache this morning incredibly)

Think the beach down in Carvoeiro is calling for us today πŸ™‚

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