All settled in

We managed to find the car rental guy pretty easily and within 40 mins were sorted with our Silver Peugeot 5008 7 seater and on our way to the Rocha Brava complex up on the cliffs above Carvoeiro – about 45 miles from the airport at Faro.

Arriving at the complex at about 12:45, we were greeted by a super friendly guy who sorted us out with room keys and we got cracking with the unpacking. We enjoyed a nice lunch at the poolside bar and finished it off with an ice cream from the boys favourite ice cream bar in the cafe 🙂

The boys were desperate to go swimming so we took them to the main pool for an hour beforE getting back to the room for a quick bath for the bits before heading over to the restaurant just across the road (Rocha Mar). Don’t think we will be going back there this holiday as the service was VERY slow and the food super below average sadly.We have established that daddy’s phone does not have free internet access after all so will be on the search for free wireless access points as we did last time we were here and will be downloading music from those as we find them 🙂

Today is about two things:

  • Shopping for food etc
  • Swimming in the pool and relaxing

The boys are pretty keen for the first option believe it or not as the have some money from Grandma Cuckoo that is burning a hole in their pockets 🙂

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