Day trip

Following a couple of days relaxing by the small pool, we decided to head out to Lagos and Portimao yesterday. 

Lagos is a beautiful little fishing town with a lovely harbour and quaint streets that Bruce would struggle to navigate. We drove through the town to experience the streets and the angry locals before finding somewhere to park near the harbour to grab a coffee and (as it happens) bacon sandwich.

The next stop was a beach although we decided to not go on the rather large beach at Lagos as we were unable to get the car close enough, so drove on to Portimao. We got parked up relatively easily and head down to the beach – I don’t think we have ever seen a beach quite as large and populated before (kind of hope we don’t again either). We managed around 1 hour and 15 minutes before getting hungry and heading in search of lunch.

Olly managed to persuade us all that McDonalds was the best possible option so we head there.

Next stop was Aqua Portimao, the shopping centre where finally we located some Kinder Joy chocolate for the boys – we have been looking in every shop we can find for them as the boys love them but have been unable to locate the goodness….

Finally, back to the Rocha Bravo cafe for an ice cream before getting ready for dinner at a local restaurant.

Elliot taught daddy how to play the scrabble game that we brought with us before bed đŸ™‚ Twice…

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