Archery, Den Building and more swimming

Yesterday was another day of fun starting out with a ride over to the Outdoor Activity Centre for our Robin Hood and Little John Archery lesson.

The boys enjoyed their lesson and Elliot even managed to get an arrow into the gold rings at the centre of the target 🙂

We enjoyed a quick lunch at the Jardin de Sports before heading up to the Nature Centre to crack on with some den building. Elliot was not feeling so well by this point so sat a bit of it out although did get his mojo back for a little of it once the Ibruprofen had kicked in 🙂

Check out our finished den 🙂 We opted to NOT go for the water test to determine if it was water tight as we kind of knew it wouldn’t be and none of us fancied being soaked with lake water…

Of course we nipped to the pool for an hour before tea as the boys just can’t manage a day without swimming access 🙂

Finally back to the lodge for dinner – a BBQ that just didn’t quite happen. By th time we managed to get the disposable grill lit, the food ha already cooked in the lodge oven and this chap didn’t want us outside as he wanted feeding…

All in all a really good day although poor Elly is not 100% 🙁

Today is our last full day and we have laser tag this morning with Olly’s school friends and then probably swimming and dinner with all tonight.

Another big day coming up..

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