The fun has begun

The boys are not excited – MUCH 🙂

We set ourselves up with an orientation of a treasure trail around the park 🙂

It was just over an hour long and took us to all of the few paying fun areas 🙂 but more importantly showed us all around the park itself. Daddy managed to get is all lost behind the paintball place in a bid to find a shortcut – just typical. Anyway, we finished a respectable fourth place and then enjoyed a swift drink in the Sports Bar.

We ten had some lunch in the lodge before heading into the pool to meet up with Olly’s school friends Henry and Karis. The sun was super bright during the pool fun and ended up giving daddy a mega headache so once we had been in around 2 hours we head back to the lodge to remove daddy’s contact lenses and have a little down time.

Dinner was courtesy of Rajinda Pradesh and the food was just lovely. Olly took his bike as it has become his favourite thing ever 🙂 The plan had been to head over to the Sports Bar but poor little prince Oliver was way too tired and requested to go home.

Another mega sleep all round and we are now breakfasted and ready for another day.

Today we have Little Johns Archery this morning and Den building this afternoon 🙂

Yee haa

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