Last full day

We started our last full day in the park at Laser Combat with Henry, Karis, Arthur and Dale. It was in all about 50 minutes in a pre-setup venue in the trees with plenty of cover. We did not expect to have quite as much fun as we did – yet another great memory created at Center Parcs 🙂

It ended up being quite a sweaty game to play so we were all super thankful for the pool after lunch – mummy and daddy’s new swim goggles worked well although poor Elly was under the weather so mummy took him back to the lodge after about an hour or so for Ibruprofen and a good couple of hours  to relax.

We went out for dinner at Hucks bar with the whole group and enjoyed a nice meal and conversation, while the kids played at the indoor play centre and the Apple Mac computer station that was available for the children.

Today sadly is about getting all our gear packed and into Bruce before heading out for breakfast (probably at the Pancake House :-)) and then on for one last swim before heading home (via Kids Place for the boys to spend their holiday greenery)

It has been a really good break and wen though the weather has been a little suboptimal, it has not impacted us at all thankfully.

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