Great weekend in Stamford but….

We just returned from a weekend in Stamford with Richard, Gisele, Spencer and Kerrie which was a super fun time – big thanks to Richard and Gisele for putting us up and of course to Granny Cuckoo for looking after our boys.

We perhaps overlooked Frisay might and so all felt tender on Saturday and even on Sat evening.

Kerrie and Spencer’s pad is going to be tremendous when they finish it – they are very lucky to have found such a fab place in the location.

So back to the but bit – sat here in the airport waiting to head out to Hamburg for four long days and realising that while it has been fun, we have not spent any time with our boys and frankly I feel slightly sick and already miss them terribly 🙁 Doesn’t help that poor Olly was not wanting to listen and eat his lovely Sunday lunch so am sat here feeling like I let him (and myself of course) down by getting cross with him.

Looking forward to some time off work soon so that I can put this all right….

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