Busy weekend

This could be our last weekend in Ossett so we have spent all of yesterday emptying the loft of the crap that was up there – it filled almost all of the floor space of one of the garages….

We have now taken one full Range Rover load to the recycling centre and have a half load of items to take to a charity shop. There is therefore roughly one van load of gear ready to go to Kirkby Grange Farm next weekend (hopefully).

We are still hopeful of the solicitors completing the contractual aspects and cash transfers over to the seller so that we can get the keys on Friday. There are still many things accordingly for the solicitors to sort although we are concerned that they have been questioning a whole heap of things that we have already agreed with the seller several weeks ago – we just hope that this is not going to reflect on our ability to transition this coming weekend.

Daddy is off to Stockholm on Monday evening and will not return until late on Thursday so all is being cut fine – however daddy is on holiday all of the following week so there should be plenty of time for the transfer of goods over to the new house…

Fingers crossed…

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