Days 3 and 4

So we are well into our relationship now and certain things are easing and others are straining πŸ™‚ Like all relationships right?

The last couple of nights have actually been pretty good, with Sunday night only entailing about 20 minutes of yowling as we left him downstairs but last night was a wonder – no complaining at all and we think straight to sleep πŸ˜€

Hugo is clearly getting more and more comfortable with us so it more than prepared to try to jump up onto the couch to get a cuddle, but similarly is more than happy to pull up the strands in the carpet in the office πŸ™

Simon spent his first full day in the home office with Hugo yesterday and thankfully most of the morning Hugo slept, coming alive at lunchtime for a mad hour or so (when the damage to the carpet was done) returning to sleep again until the boys came back from school.

Today has been similar with the sleeping and madness although got off to a bad start because the little monkey number 2’d in the car on the way to school, proceeding to stand in it and hence spread it throughout the portable crate we have him in when in the car. That has now been cleaned out / disinfected and the bedding is presently going through the washing machine πŸ™

We live and learn – always try to force an empty before going out in the car…

In honesty however we are next to nowhere with the house training with the exception of the fact that it would appear that he has declared his cage a non emptying area – which is definitely good news as far as we are concerned.

Now, in fairness, there were no accidents overnight last night but I think that is more luck than anything else..

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