Cracking day at Sherwood Pines

Grandma cuckoo and Nard came over first thing to look after Hugo while the rest of us were to head out to Sherwood Pines with the bikes and the Drewett’s and the Box’s.

Gracie  had stayed overnight last night so she came with us as well and despite our best intentions, we still only managed to get on the road at 10:25 although isn’t was foggy – thankfully the sun came out not long before we arrive 🙂

We actually made good time and pulled into Sherwood Pines at 11:30 right behind Ed and Sharon.

We all got straight out on the bikes and cycled the family route (green) which lasts about 4K or so – pretty straightforward and neither of the boys complained once – happy days.

Then back to the cars and we setup our camp in a quiet corner – the disposable BBQ’s were lit and the kids  started playing football and rugby. 

We had a lovely BBQ in the sunshine and played rounders, cricket, football, rugby as well as the kids sneaking around the skills park on their bikes.

All in all a funtastic day in the sunshine in late September with a BBQ to boot – all happy 🙂

We should absolutely do this more often – great fun day in sunshine with great friends – can’t ask for more 

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