While the sun shines…

Yesterday was a truly awesome day where the weather was concerned so after swimming lessons in the morning we decided that it was to be a BBQ day 🙂 Mummy nipped out to grab some provisions and came back with the most impressive filets as well as a nice selection of sausages 🙂

The boys played outside in the garden (24 degree heat) most of the afternoon on an off with potato guns (yet, we found them – they have only been sat in the garage for 12 months awaiting usage :-() and then the younger Rust’s decided that they were upgrading to water pistols – yep Daddy apparently the main target for a while 🙁

BBQ fired up first time and was ready for service 25 minutes later – makes a change from the last time it was out on the birthday weekend – 2 hours later and it STILL was not up for the challenge of cooking…. grrr.

The steaks were sensational and we even managed to eat under the gazebo before the sun went down. Great way to finish a half term holiday 🙂


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