Netflix has arrived in ForkHall

Last week daddy decided to trail NetFlix in the household – don’t think it will be quite as easy to remove it from the household as it was to install….. 🙂

The kids LOVE it and despite needing to change the logon name Simon to Daddy (apparently Olly finds daddy’s real name hilarious – pronounced Si  mon apparently – 40 years and it seems that Simon has actually been pronouncing his name incorrectly… 🙁 ) they are beginning to use it instead of YouTube – that being said, they had YouTube removed from their iPads since they were beginning to watch inappropriate things again 🙁  Elliot has renewed his love for the Power Rangers (Samurai of course) and Olly just watches all of the animated stuff over and over…

Vicky has also been watching a few of the TV shows that are available on it. In fact, we found the first series of “Death in Paradise”, a BBC show that we picked up from the beginning of the second series, and so this last few nights we have been catching up on it.

For £6.99 a month, so far it seesm to be a total winner and works really nicely on the TV’s with the Google ChromeCast installed into them, and like the XBMC solution, we can pause the show on one TV and resume it straight away on another – AWESOME.

Obv question, why did we not go for it earlier…..

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