The Polar Express from Weardale

Tonight we drove up to Weardale to experience the Polar Express. Our departure was at 7:30pm so we got there just in time to enjoy hotdogs, burgers and chips and a nice warm coffee before boarding at around 7:30.


The experience was truly incredible – right from the moment we stepped on the platform and the conductors shouted “ALL ABOARD”. The chefs were ready and were performing their hot chocolate delivery dance from the moment the train set off and they kept us entertained the whole time we were onboard.

We are so pleased that we took the boys up for this experience because it was really, really good.

The commemorative mugs that we received will remind us of the trip for many months to come.

Thankfully the boys have slept nicely in the car on the way home and with the exception J40 of the M1 being closed (no notice given – well 50 yards) the journey home was quick and easy.

Now just a few hours sleep and we are off again – this time to London Town for a couple of nights….

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