Daddy has taken a big step in mobile communications – 3

After careful thought, Daddy has taken a pretty big step and bought a 12 month contract with 3. It is a sim only deal and costs just £15 a month for unlimited (and tether able) data, 2000 minute of calls and 5000 texts a month. The winning combo was the unlimited data that can be tethered to other devices AND the fact that the phone can be used in many countries (US being the key one) and the fact that the existing allowances are all available to be used while there at no extra cost. Yes, that’s right, daddy can use his phone for unlimited data in the UK AND US as well as for 2000 minutes a month in the UK or US (so long as calling UK numbers of course).

There is clearly some issue over whether the 3 network is suitable for voice calls although is well known as being a very good data network.

Let’s wait to see if he begins to complain about the network in the coming weeks.

Hopefully, it will be fab and in which case we will look to fear Mummy’s over as well. £42 to £15 a month is a winning price 🙂

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