Raymond Briggs Father Christmas at the Leeds Playhouse

We met up with some of the kids in Olly’s class at school for lunch at Pizza Express near the Corn Exchange in Leeds for lunch and then head over to the 14:30 show.

It lasted around an hour and was a fantastic play. Really well put on with just three actors. FC was very good – a great mix of FC with a slightly grumpy old man – really brought out a terrific character. The sound effect lady was brilliant – she did everything from the tick tock of the clock to FC sitting on the toilet – strangely the Rust boys found this the most funny of all – ‘plop’.

The only complaint would be that we were all sat on uncomfortable wooden (covered with cheap thin carpet) steps – when we got up at the end of the show, our behinds had lost much of their sensation 🙁

Overall a great show that the kids loved.

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