London calling….

So Daddy got on the 5:18 train yesterday morning down to London Town and Mummy and the boys set off in the car just before lunch.  Sadly the car trip was not quite as rapid as the train journey so by the time they arrived they were all pretty tired and definitely in need of fresh air and excitement 🙂  Bruce did a great job of apparently taking them on a tour of all the little roads between the M1/M25 junction and Ealing…. 🙁  Took as long to make that part of the journey as all the rest added together it seems 🙁

Anyway, once we were checked in, we rapidly got our shoes back on to head into the city.  The boys were wired with excitement as we boarded the tube at Ealing Broadway station, heading for Bond Street station.  As with all things kid related the journey would have been just fine at 10 minutes long, so being 25 minutes made it 15 too loooooonnnnnnnggggg. 🙁

Anyway, we ate dinner at Pizza Express and then walked to Hamleys.  Olly wanted to pitstop in the Disney store on Oxford Street and subsequently made his purchase – a HUGE Dusty the Crop Hopper plane from the Planes movie.  It is so big that he couldn’t carry the bag as it just dragged along the ground.

Hamleys was fun and the boys actually wandered around for 45 minutes and didn’t find anything that necessarily floated their boats (would you believe) although Olly had already made a purchase he was actually not really in purchase mode (incredibly !).

We then started out to Harrods in search of the Toy Kingdom when it began to pour with rain 🙁  We jumped on the number 22 bus and it dropped us off nicely in Knightsbridge pretty close to Harrods.  So, that is two of the three required transport types down (Tube and London Bus) 🙂

Harrods Toy Kingdom came up trumps and the boys both acquired a couple of little items that made them happy for the journey and mummy and daddy saw a kids 2 seater open top (petrol powered) Range Rover for a mere £39,995 🙂 Made us smile.

Last trip was back on the tube to get to Acton Town and then the Black Cab ride back to the hotel to complete the transport type requirements as set by Olly 🙂

It of course took about an hour to cool down and get to sleep so by 11:30pm, all was well.

Until 4am when the floor above us began shaking as what seemed like a heard of Elephants ran through for about 40 minutes 🙁  Thankfully the kids did not awaken through the noise.

As Daddy departed to go to work at 7:45am he spoke with the hotel management who rather promptly refunded the cost of the nights stay which was a nice bonus.

Today, Mummy and the boys are heading over to LEGOLAND and Daddy will get the train over there after work – all fun for the Rust’s this week 🙂

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