Harvest Festival, Pepsi has been signed off by the vet and Olly still unwell :-(

This morning we had a treat in store for us as it was the Silcoates Junior School Harvest Festival assembly in the school chapel.  The children brought their baskets of fresh produce (from Year 1) into the chapel and placed them at the front.  Then we were treated to a wonderful show with signing from each of the years, a little story along the way from the year 6 children and a couple of hymns thrown in for good measure.

Then, we had to take Pepsi in for another checkup at the VET.  Mr Duncan was very pleased with his recovery so has effectively signed him off and he returns to the usual painkillers with no additional goodies.  So, hopefully the whining will now stop – he has whinged on and off for the last week or so – we believe because he did not want the bandage around his chest and back (holding the two skin attached pain relief suppliers on).  Tim took it off before we went in to see the VET and it seemed that the whinging almost completely stopped upon its’ removal.  We just need to (clearly) keep an eye (or ear) on him to see how he gets on without the additional powerful pain killers….

Then onto Olly – poor little mite is just not getting any better it seems.  He has slept for a couple of hours again this afternoon.  He has absolutely been knocked off his feet for a week now 🙁  It looks to stay this way for a coupe more days sadly so he is not going to school – I don’t think he would make it through a day at school right now.  He is playing the I’m too poorly to eat / walk / go to the toilet by myself.  Hopefully he will be better in the morning and so on.  Keep your fingers crossed for us 🙂


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