Great night out to see Michael McIntyre and car woes

Mummy and daddy managed to get out to the MotorPoint arena in Sheffield last night to see Michael McIntyre. It was a fantastic show that lasted just shy of 1hour 45 minutes. Grandma came round to watch Olly since he is still not completely right again following his week of illness. The boys were supposed to be spending the weekend at Grannies Cuckoo’s but Olly is just not up to being away from home so Grannie is coming over to ForkHall this afternoon and will stay here with them. Mummy and Daddy are heading to the charity dinner tonight and staying over at the venue.

As it happens, Olly is still not out of bed and it is now 11am !!!!

Dave the car dent guy has been around this morning and fixed up the little ping on Emily’s roof (she came with it) but could not easily perform his magic on Bruce as his wings are double skinned – hence would need to drill a hole in it etc. At which point, it may as well have a proper job including painting doing, so Simon is going to take Bruce down to Grant next week to get it professionally dealt with 🙂

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