Windermere with the Box’s

This weekend we are enjoying life up in the lakes. We set off yesterday morning once we were all up and ready. Mummy had been out at a charity do with the mums from school on Friday and daddy and the boys got an early night in 🙂

We got here for about 1pm and had lunch at the Sun Hotel with the Box’s. Then we head over to Brockholes for a couple of hours and then on to a play park in Grasmere (will be heading back for some Gingerbread on Monday prior to heading home 🙂 )

The weather has been nice with lots of sunshine – although it is v clear that it has done a LOT of raining in recent days / weeks – ground v waterlogged…

The air is (as usual) wonderfully fresh and we are hoping to enjoy a full day out in it today, then head homeward tomorrow afternoon sometime 🙂

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