Great weekend away

We got back this morning from a lovely weekend at the Sherwood Forest Centerparcs resort. It was an early start as we needed to get the boys to school by 8:30am – we wanted to maximise the weekend by not coming home on Sunday evening as that would mean packing just after lunchtime and hence eating into the weekend significantly.

The boys were at school by 8:10 so allxwas good – suspect that they will be super tired tonight however 🙁

The fireworks were good although we selected our viewing point badly – thankfully Vicky figured out a way to sort it so we soon moved to get the best possible view.

Earlier in the day the boys undertook the Cave Adventure – a man made caving experience – Olly loved it, Elliot enjoyed it and Simon managed to hold it together …. The saving grace be in the knowledge that worse come to worse, kicking the plastic would likely cause it to give way and hence getting stuck would not be an outcome 🙂

Table tennis was also fun – the boys both had a small paddy at different times so thankfully It was only 30 minutes or so – however overall, it was enjoyable 🏓

We hope to be able to do more such weekends as it really shows that more can be done with weekends and even better when Hugo can be involved 👍

Photos can be found here

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