Lawn hoover and Rugby

The back garden had a huge amount of leaves that are amassing so daddy decided that it was time to rake them up in easiness for burning / composting. 20 minutes of raking was beginning to form blisters so daddy decided to see if the mower would collect the leaves quicker – lifting the cutting blades up so that they would not actually cut the grass and BOOM – a handy sit on leave vacuum cleaner 👍

25 minutes later and all the leaves were collected up and in a handy pile by the burning bin. 15 minutes later and the mower was away and the leaves bagged up ready for whatever will happen with them next 😀 RESULT

That was yesterday – today we took the boys down to the Huddersfield Rugby Club to checkout the junior squads. Oliver literally got stuck straight in with the under 9’s while Elliot was adamant that he was there just to watch this week – he has promised to get involved from next week onwards.

They have what looks like a great setup, so we are hoping that they really get involved and get a bit of fitness as well as enjoyment. The slight downside is that Hugo is not allowed near the pitches so we won’t be walking him at the same time as we had planned… ☹️

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