ForkHall is for sale

Well, it has taken a few weeks to get the details in place but we have finally managed to get our home up with an estate agent and is now officially for sale.

We hope to be moving over to our new house in Flockton within the next 4 to 6 weeks (we are somewhat dependant on the solicitors getting their acts into gear and finalizing the agreements) and so it would be wonderful if we can get the Ossett house moving on to its next owner and occupier.

We have enjoyed 13 years in Ossett but have decided to move on to a dream house, a house that has 400 years worth of character and 399 years of challenges to work on over the years that we will live there. It will mean a longer commute to school for the kids and overall slightly shorter (albeit probably a little more expensive for daddy) and a little shorter for mummy but it will be worth it.


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