Fuerteventura – hot and windy

We have been here two days now and it is hot but very windy – in fact dangerously windy because you don’t feel the heat πŸ™

The boys are loving the pools of course although daddy is struggling with the volcano nature of the island – or the dirty black rock everywhere. The complex doesn’t have grass anywhere – instead the greens are decorated with lava rocks – and it looks dirty πŸ™

The accommodation on the other hand is top class and the pools are probably the cleanest pools we have seen anywhere πŸ™‚

The P20 has thus far failed us which is the first time that this has ever happened πŸ™ we are wonder if the factor 30 P20 in spray dispensers is just plain crap – daddy, Elliot and Oliver have all burned today with this on, yet mummy has stayed perfectly white with the standard P20 in an ordinary dispenser….

Not a bad pool ? We were the only 6 in this pool for over an hour this afternoon and this is after having spent two hours at the water park this morning πŸ™‚

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