Toy room tidy…

As part of the Fork Hall renovation we decided to convert the current toy room into into a TV room and spare room with a sofa bed for guests should we need it.

We will be popping a TV and the XBox in there for the boys to be able to relax without needing to interrupt the whole household.

So, we have taken six bin bags of old and broken toys to the household recycle centre this morning while prepping four or so more bags of things to take to charity shops or similar.

We also found time to get over to the cinema to see “The Secret Lives of Pets” at the Leeds Showcase 🙂 it was a great movie but sadly all of the great bits were used as the trailer that we have seen on TV etc. Hence lots of padding around said funny bits….

Hopefully we will be painting the new spare room later this week before the wedding at the weekend and our Fuerteventura holiday the weekend after.

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