Husky and Reindeer Trails

We got up bright and breezy this morning for a 9am trip out to a Husky and Reindeer farm for trips out on each.

Our group went out on the Reindeer and sleigh trip first and wow – we actually got in a small sleigh that sat two or three, were connected up (so to speak) to ‘our Reindeer’ and then off we went. Mummy and Olly went first in the group and their reindeer sprinted off with them before slowing to a nice gentle trot around the course – possibly two kilometres or so. Daddy and Elly wer last to go with Joscar – he trotted around quite leisurely at the back but when we got to the end, Joscar decided that he wasn’t ready to come back so sprinted off to the right with the sleigh in tow 😀 hopefully daddy got decent video footage to shar 🙂

The husky run was next and wow it w sure cool – all four of us behind 10 dogs (2 of which wer fighting with each other mid way around :-)) and we went out for maybe 3 or 4 km through the trees and then again out over the frozen lake. The lady who stood out back was telling us that the dogs and her fath were participating in a 1,000km race in March so all these day tours were good for their raining as they would be racing those 1,000km over 7 days!!!!

A little sledging, pancakes for lunch and then a little swim this afternoon befor getting ready for the Christmas party this evening 🙂

Home tomorrow 🙂

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