Have we found the solution…. ???

At the beginning of the week Simon was fed up with clearing up dog mess from Hugo overnight so on Sunday night, Hugo was locked into his cage and not granted access to the outer cage in a bid to try to have him go overnight without messing anywhere.

Well, it worked, so again on Monday night, then Tuesday and now at Friday, we can claim that we have nailed it – not a single accident all week whereas previously we were odds on for both activities overnight…

Interestingly it has also had the affect of significantly reducing the number of during the day accidents also somehow – down to one in 5 days !!!

So, we now know that he just needed locking into his comfy warm bed and he would hold it as long as possible – we have only been expecting 7 to 8 hours overnight and he manages this comfortably.

Now just to get him to go outside of our garden (the only place he seems to feel comfortable doing it at present 🙁 He will hold onto it for a 1 hour walk and then run to do it in our back garden…. grrr…

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