Pup training

So we are now 18 weeks old or so and are still just not quite there with our littlest member of the household.

He KNOWS that he goes for numbers 2 and 3 in our back garden OR in anybody’s house….. 🙁

We can take him for an hour long walk through parks and trees and he will save up any of the aforementioned numbers until we get home and then he will dash into the garden to deliver his goods. However, if the back door is not already open or if we head into somebody else’s house, then the numbers are deposited inside, preferably on carpet (obviously that is way more comfortable for his little paws than solid flooring… 🙁

We think that he does TRY to let us know but it is the very same jumping about that he does when inside the house anyway – hence it is really rather difficult to distinguish 🙁

We are definitely worried about our holiday to Lapland as Hugo is going to Granny Cuckoo’s and if he not able to deliver his numbers in her garden by then, well we have a problem. It would also be nice if he is no longer dropping them off indoors as well…

As they say, time will tell – wish us luck 🙂

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